Our Journey

Allegrissimo is a philanthropic organization created in 2019, whose mission is to bring messages of love and hope, through inspiring music, to residents and patients of nursing homes, hospitals and other similar institutions.

Our project started in May 2019. In a period of just three months, Allegrissimo became a reality and was registered as a non-profit organization in the Province of Quebec.

At first, we held four auditions and selected 25 singers. A repertoire of songs in French and English was chosen, several arrangements were assembled and the group of singers began their routine of studies, rehearsals and preparation for all the memorable visits that were about to start.

From October to December 2019, Allegrissimo began the institutional visits and, in a period as short as only two months, the group sang for over 900 people, in ten different institutions, and conveyed a warmhearted message to residents, their families, visitors and employees. This revealed to be a collection of unforgettable moments and brought immense satisfaction to all choir members.

The work we do is completely voluntary, hence we do not receive monetary values ​​from any of the institutions visited. But help and solidarity came from several partners who, as a recognition of the importance of our mission, offered us the tools and the means to successfully execute our project. Just to name a few of these valuable supporters: the ILPN cultural center offered us space for our rehearsals; some partners created our logo and business card, others helped us with the design of our website, or took photos and videos for us. Some generous people offered donations, as a proof of their confidence in our commitment to bring good vibes through our songs to this public that sometimes do not receive the attention they deserve.

A chain of love is being woven around us! Allegrissimo is a link in this chain; part of a world where all people, without exception, are entitled to affection and hope; where, during the time of a song, we are brothers and sisters who meet and share a special moment.

Our work in 2020 is just beginning. In the first two months of the year we have already presented our songs for more than 200 people in three different institutions. Our choir is now composed of 33 singers full of energy.

For several years to come, we hope to be able to bring our music voluntarily to the people who really need it and we count on your generosity. Every smile from a patient, every tear of emotion from a nurse or caregiver will be our reward.

Allegrissimo is a name that will be engraved on our hearts forever! We hope that the good we do today can always spread as good energy for everyone. Thanks for your help!

Choir Allegrissimo

Montréal, March 2020