Allegrissimo is a philanthropic organization, composed of voluntary singers who use their voices as an instrument to spread a message of love, hope and joy to people residing in institutional care centers.

Why “Allegrissimo” ?

Of italian origin, it’s an expression from the musical world that means very fast, very happy and lively.

Our mission

Allegrissimo was created with the objective to making visits and singing choral music in hospitals, retirement homes, orphanages, homeless shelters, and any other institution that accommodates a population in need of care and reception. Our mission is to improve quality of life and bring comfort, joy and love to the most vulnerable through our singing.

Help our cause

“Good music is not mistaken, and goes straight to the bottom of the soul to seek the sorrow that devours us.”

(Stendhal, French writer)

Come sing with us

“Music therapy distracts from physical pain thanks to its ability to block pain messages, and also changes the perception of pain by improving overall mood.”

(Rachael Finnerty, Psychotherapist and music therapist)

Come sing with us



Alexandra Aguiar

Christina Schultz

Claudia Stein

Denise Cunha

Ive Cristina Lucena

Lis Melo

Lis Miotto

Mayra Drumond

Priscila M. S. Aragão

Raquel Lyrio

Simony V.Teixeira

Tati Albin


Celeste J. de Toledo

Deborah Coutinho

Eliana Saia

Enia Olivio

Erika C. Freitas

Helen Hartung

Jane F. Bittencourt

Joice R. A. Campos

Julia Braga

Khanh Nguyen


Arthur Falcão

Cleydemir Santos

Igor Schultz

João Luiz Chagas

Matheus Schultz

Paulo Mesquita


Carlos R. Santos

Darlon Sato

Fernando Trovão

Luciano C. Mai

Ronaldo Maciel Jr