Volunteer choir, founded by a group from Brazil, who use their voices as an instrument to spread a message of love and joy to people residing in institutional care centers


Allegrissimo is a volunteer choir that performs musical interventions in an institutional environment and its raw material is music, choral singing. We believe that music is a balm that serves to alleviate the physical and / or psychological pain of people who, by force of circumstances, are in a situation of temporary or permanent vulnerability.

“Music can reduce anxiety, depression and stress while improving overall health and quality of life, especially for seniors.”
(Sarahrose Black, music therapist)



Our heart is our guide. The human being standing there, in front of us, deserves our solidarity and empathy, regardless of his condition, his origin or the history of his life.


Our work is and will always be voluntary. Giving and receiving love is our motto.

Zest for life

Our name, Allegrissimo, evokes this feeling of joy to be alive, a value that we try to transmit through music, to every human being on our way.


The Allegrissimo Choir, wherever it sings, brings joy to the hearts of countless people.

The first thing to know is that music will activate the whole reward system and cause pleasure. Just listening to music is already going to be good medicine.

Obviously when you do it it’s even more effective. And even more when you do it with others. ”

(Isabelle Peretz, neuropsychologist)

“Good music is not mistaken, and goes straight to the bottom of the soul to seek the sorrow that devours us.”

(Stendhal, French writer)


The Allegrissimo Choir, wherever it sings, brings joy to the hearts of many people.

Hear it directly from our listeners

“The Allegrissimo Choir has offered four magnificent performances in our residence for people with a loss of autonomy. Their warm and passionate shows really touched our residents and made our establishment vibrate. Our 96 users were all able to have a memorable experience with the members of the Allegrissimo Choir who joined them. A Choir that has the heart in the right place and who shares its « joie de vivre ». Thank you for being with us.”

François Camirand, Recreation technician, C. H. Ernest-Routhier

“Allegrissimo was at the IUGM for the holidays. It was a huge success. We appreciated their dynamism, they went into the room to the residents, they sang well and their repertoire was adapted and diverse. People were impressed by the fact that they are Brazilians and that it is a young choir that offers such a beautiful performance. We would like to have them again next year.”

Lena Tchanou Mamy, Recreation technician, IUGM

“Wow, fantastic, extraordinary, a whiff of happiness; here are some comments following the magnificent performance of the Allegrissimo Choir. For their first visit to our centre, this choir composed of Quebecers of Brazilian, Vietnamese and other origins rekindled our childhood heart by performing melodies of the holiday season and contemporary successes. Talented and warm, the members of this choir transported us to the Latin and American areas while singing with our residents and families gathered for the occasion. A moment inspired by the magic of Christmas; congratulations and thank you for this dose of human warmth. ”

Michel Lord, Recreation technician, C. H. Armand-Lavergne

“Receiving a visit from members of the Allegrissimo Choir at C.H. Emilie-Gamelin has  sunny  the afternoon of our residents. Together, they shared the joy of singing sweet melodies filled with happiness!”

Audrey Fortier, Recreation technician, Centre d'hébergement Émilie-Gamelin

“I loved the experience, I find that your group transmits to the patient real happiness, a positive and reassuring energy that soothes this moment of solitude with the patients of the CHUM. We know that dyalized patients come regularly, and your musical performance brought a different moment that filled patients with fullness, lulls and serenity. ”

Mireille Valton Gravel, Recreation technician, CHUM


During her very first visit, on October 26, 2019, Allegrissimo received journalist Roberta Settini, who reported on our work. We thank Roberta for this opportunity to disclose our mission as a Volunteer Choir.


You are part of our history! We take you with us every step of the way, in our visits and in our minds. Without your talent and generosity, everything would be much more difficult. Together we make all the difference. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your precious contribution to our Mission!

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